The Ritual of Tumpek Wayang


In Bali there are some traditional ritual ceremonies that must done for Balinese people according to their religious Hindus, which in old Hindus manuscript there are mention many rule of upakara ceremony with purpose to the almighty god Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa and pry for the people calm. Tourism is one of most favorite destination in Bali, its great business in Bali where almost it people work in tourism to give a pleasure serve for tourist which came to Bali and make they feel calm and enjoyed.

Each day has importing meaning for Hindus Bali, every day are special for them, with honestly and deep feeling their give the sacrifice in form of Yadnya for god. Begin with the small ceremonies till the big one. Tumpek wayang is one of many traditional ceremonies in Bali. On this day the puppet shadow or the wayang are given some Upakara.

Balinese Puppetee

On tumpek wayang day there are unique ceremonies for Balinese which on that day the wayang or puppet shadow are given some ritual ceremonies and after that the wayang are presented to the people who take the theme the born of God rare kumara, god keeper for baby and child. Wayang or puppet shadow is traditional entertainment for Balinese people the wayang it self are made by cow skin whit has chisel into many formed of many character of the theme like Ramayana and Mahabrata Hindus epos which will play to entertain the people, usually the wayang performance is present in the night but for upakcare the wayang are played morning name wayang lemah.

Tumpek Wayang are very sacral day for Balinese people beside for wayang this day is very eerie day for those who born on that day, according to the epos Hindus when Bhatara Siva And His wife Uma traveling around due to see his wife thigh so shine Deva siva has came the cum and spread into the sea and that cum are take care by god Baruna, named Batara Kala, after that Btara kala came to haven and meet his dad Deva Siva, he ask to his father what can he eat, and Dewa siva give him to eat a baby who born on tumpek wayang Day, so after that Batara Kala are permitted to eat baby who born on tumpek wayang.

God of Siva has another son named Batara Rare Kumara, god of child and cowboy, who has the birth date equal to Tumpek wayang, so the bBatara kala right to eat him, so batara kala try to catch rare kumara and run evry where, in the street Batara Kala are hindered by Deva siva who traveling with his wife Uma ride Nandini cow, batara kala want to eat Deve siva due to he hide Bhatara Kala, Deva siva give him puzzle but Bhatara kala cant answer it complete so he can eat deva siva, and continue to catch rare kumara run into Dalang A person who play the wayang, hide there, Batara kala who very tired and hunger eat the ritual offering , due to Batara kala has eat the Dalang offering so he cant eat Rare kumara cause already get the ritual ceremonies named Wayang Sapuh Langer.